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YaFSUG:      Projectz.
    Projectz Variables:
  • AMD, ADM64, Opteron, or Intel PII/III/IV, Xeon or VIA Eden/EPIA processors.
  • ATX, Mini ITX, Flex, ATX, motherboard platforms or Soekris embedded systems.
  • Audio, MIDI, Video, DTP, Graphics, 3D Graphics, Internet Development, workstations.
  • MythTv, GeexBox, Home Theatre Personal Computer appliances.
  • Routers, Packet Filtering, Bandwith Management, etc... security apliances.

SOHO/Enterprise Linux:
Servers Applications Desktops Applications Certification Study Groups
  • JBOSS.
  • Trixbox/Asterisk.
  • OpenNMS.
  • Hylafax.
  • CCNA.
  • Linux+, LPI.
  • CLP/CLE.

Projectz submitted by members.
Name Type Platform Processor Description
AMW MIDI Workstation Mobile PC PIII For midi composition.
DAW Digial Audio Workstation Workstation Dual Xeon For audio/video capturing, editing and mastering.
Skhmt iSecure Security Appliance Appliance VIA/Eden Protect an internal network that access the internet via a CABLE or DSL with NAT, PF-FW, Cache DNS, DHCPD, etc.....
HMRKHS Com Communications Server Server VIA/Eden Provides DNS, Directory, E-Mail, Collaboration, Calendar Sharing, etc....
THT Development Workstation Operatong System Upgrade Workstation P4 Upgrade to Edubuntu 6.06 LTS multi-desktop environment/window manager workstation.
Khuti-FMS File/Media Server Operating System Install Server PII 233 Installation of Ubuntu Server 6.06 LTS.
Festival Utterance Festival mbrola voice Install and configuration Workstation P IV Festival text2speech and text2wav Applications.
THT NTFS 3G NTFS-3g Installation an configuration of for R/W access to an NTFS partition Workstation P IV Linux NTFS File System Access Driver.
THT BeleniX BeleniX-DVD-0.5.1 Hard Disk Installation. Workstation P IV BeleniX Hard Disk Installation from a Live DVD.
SHU FreeBSD FreBSD-6.2 Laptop Installation. Laptop P II Installation of FreeBSD 6,2 on a P II Laptop for info gathering purposes.
OLPC SugarUI OLPC SugarUI. Virtual Machine P IV Using VMware Server to get a glimpse of the Beta OLPC Sugar User Interface

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