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YaFSUG: Projectz.

Project: SHU - FreeBSD Laptop Installation.

Installing FreeBSD onto a Laptop:
By Vincent Angus Williams - scribe63

Screenshots: VIEW

As the PowerNomics proverb says :
"If you take risks, you may still fail. But if, you do not take risks, you will surely fail."

Intro Install Post Install - Config Config Package Install and X GUI - Sound Config Conclusion

Post Installation Configuration

After installation, it moved on to post installation configurations.

  • For the NIC i selected yes and choosed wi0 for Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE 802.11 wireless adapter, and No for IP v6, did basic network configuration, Host, Domain, IPv4 Gateway, Nameserver, left IPv4 Address option empty for DHCP, Netmask, and then selected OK and then Yes to bring the wi0 interface up. I got a message that wi0 is not configured, and will need to do so in the Network configuration menu before proceeding.
  • I selected No to not use this machine as a network gateway.
  • Selected No to configure services.
  • Selected Yes to enable SSH login.
  • No for anonymous FTP access to this machine.
  • No for NFS server amd client.
  • Yes to customize system console settings, and selected screen saver (Fire).
  • Yes to set time zone, No for cmos clock, selected 2 America - North and South, 45 US, 1 Eastern Time, Yes to EDT.
  • Yes for Linux Binary compatibility, and packages were added.
  • Yes for PS/2 mouse, then did mouse configuration, 1 Auto for protocol for mouse, 1 PS/2 for mouse port, enter 3 for mouse flags, 2 to enable and test mouse, then yes the mouse cursor is moving.

Then sysinstall moved on to user configuration.
I did some package selection.
archivers: unzip
databases: openldap-client
editors: vim-lite
graphics: cairo, eog
irc: xchat
security: sudo
shells: bash2
sysutils: portupgrade
www: firefox
x11: gdm
x11-toolkits: vte

I selected Install, Ok, and ran into some issues because some of these packages were on disc2, which i did not have, so they didn't install.

I was then prompted to add an additional user and selected Yes.
I added the users's group first and GID 1001, then added the user Login UD, kept the default UID 1001, added that user to the it's default group i just created, added a password, added Full name, added user to wheel group, kept default home directory location, kept /bin/sh as Login shell.

I exited and was prompted for the root password.
I selected Yes to revisit the general user configuration, then selected 'Exit Install' to reboot.

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