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YaFSUG: Projectz.

Project: Khuti - File Media Server.
By Vincent Angus Williams - scribe63

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Intro Specs Install Configs Tests Conclusion

Summary and Conclusion.

For the past week i've utilised some of the basic features of this application that are immediately beneficial to me. I've been able to set up the Calendar to keep track of appointments, meetings, and recurring events. A task list to keep up with tasks, Contacts, RSS News Feeds, Notes, and IMAP Email. The IMAP email feature is able to display folders, sent,trash, etc.., that just has a couple of emails in them, but times out and does display my inbox. Also for some reason i can't get the bookmark feature to work with my firefox bookmarks. Thus far i like this application, and can see the potential of this groupware package, even though it's a little unintuitive. The fact that it's not displaying my inbox, and i was not get the simple bookmark feature to work are the low points.
The bookmark feature was not working due to a bug in the application. I submitted the bug, and it was fixed in the release which i updated to. So far i have went from version 0241 to 0252, and the bookmark feature is now working.
Now i just have to see what's causing the issue with the inbox timing out before it retrieves any emails. It's not a biggie rigtht now becasue i have started to use thunderbird again to get away from the slowness, clunkines and excessive ads of the new webmail interface for my former netscape, now aol, email account

This was the most straight forward of the three to set up and use. I just installed the needed packages, configure the mountpoints, and bam! access to files for browsing and editing. No syncing needs to be done because i can access the files directly on the remote machine. I just have to set up my '/etc/fstab' to mount the directories when the system boots

This was the most intensive of the three, due to the fact that i had to build the server from source and almost had to build the client packages for Edubuntu. As i previously stated, for the client i converted the packages which were readily available as openSuSE 10.1 .rpms to .debs using the alien tool.
After building the server, access via the webbrowser for configuration worked very well.
After installing the clients, the one on the workstation worked and i used it to upload a folder.
I eventually got the client on the laptop to start up, and was able to download the files that were previuosly upoladed. The ball is in motion so i'll do some futher testing and utilisation with remote access to the iFolder Server. I already have a dyndns hostname in place, i just need to complete two other projects, OpenVPN and Fedora Directory Server. Initial research states that the Open Source Version does support SSL yet, so will initially attempt remote access via an SSH VPN.
Thus far this project has been an exciting experience, even more so when the other projects are finished and in place. For now i will definitley be utilising these services on my LAN.

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