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YaFSUG: Projectz.

Project: Khuti - File Media Server.
By Vincent Angus Williams - scribe63

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Intro Specs Install Configs Tests Conclusion


Projekt: The Khuti File and Media Server
Featuring: SSHFS, iFolder3 and SimpleGroupware for access, synchronization,
and document management.

This project was initiated out of the need for a solution for managing documents from
multiple desktops. I have one workstation, but i use multiple Operating Systems on multiple
hard disks via mobile rack enclosures.
The basic documents that i would update on each desktop were my resume and documentation
for projects that i'm working on. This created a need for consistency in accessing and updating
documents from one central location, from any desktop i'm using at a given point in time.
This system initially served me well using StartCom Enterprise Linux 3-AS-3.0.6 (Maccaabee)
(2.4.21-47.SEL3 kernel) distribution as it's operating system. The only issues i started to
encounter were with updating and finding up to date packages to install.
Yum on this system was unreliable at finding and installing programs, it was an afterthought
for package management on it so i couldn't expect much.

This File/Media server will function as a backup and file server, and support being accessed
by Linux and Windows XP Professional workstation locally and remotely.
Communication from my Linux workstations will be via Unison, SSHFS, iFolder3, FISH and
Communication from the Windows XP workstation will be via Unison, Putty/WinSCP, iFolder3,
and Firefox. If needed, i will also install and set up Samba for mounts from windows.
Access will be tested for utilisation via my Intranet with Unison, SSH, SSHFS, and Ifolder.
Remote access will be tested and utilized with SSH, SSHFS, SSH-VPN and OpenVPN through the

The service applications will be provided by apache, php, postgresql, openssh, and iFolder3.
This set up will also be utilised for audio/video streaming with ices, and or jinzora.
I will use SimpleGroupware as PIM portal, Gallery2 photo management, and Moodle Learning
Management System.

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All respective © Owners all rights reserved.

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