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YaFSUG: Projectz.

Project: THT - Festival Utterrance.

A Festival mbrola voice:
Research and Personal Experience By Vincent Angus Williams - scribe63
All rights to respective copyright owners

As the Chinese proverb says :
"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. But involve me and I'll understand."


Intro Install Config Usage Conclusion

I regained interest in festival after hearing the voice of 'Linn' from the podcast. I initially used festival to read text files of information i had to read while i was studying for an A+ class. This is due to the fact that it's a challenge to focus for a period of time reading long documents on a monitor screen, i prefer a book or paper print, sorry trees. This time around festival comes in handy for reading documentation while I'm preparing for a CCNA test. The default festival voice, even though i got use to it, is a little robotic. I also prefer to hear a female voice, so i decided to give it a shot and install and configure a female voice from the mbrola project. Here we go on Edbuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper) . I also hope this is helpful for the person who voiced in on the lottalinuxlinks podcast, about the issue he was having with getting his to work

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