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YaFSUG: Projectz.
My Desktop OS: An upgrade from Edubuntu Breezy to Dapper
By Vincent Angus Williams - scribe63

To exploit one of the tenets of FOSS, a users freedom of choice, i exercise this right by using several Desktop Environments and Window Managers with the same or different Distros, for what they have to offer and or do best within a given criteria.

About Edubuntu
This article is based on my Edubuntu Workstation.
This was initially Edubuntu based on Ubuntu Breezy with added DEs and WMs Kubuntu, Fluxbox, Xfce, and E17.

Name Type Platform Processor Description
THT Workstation Desktop PIV 3.06Hz Home office workstation.
Introduction: Go Desktop Environments
Window Managers: Go
File Managers
Text Editors: Go
Internet: Go
Management: Go
Graphics: Go
Development: Go
Hardware: Go Summary: Go Screenshots: VIEW

I eventually got around to it and re-installed and upgraded I fired it up and used it the way i usually and it definitely loaded faster and seemed snappier.

The major annoyance with OO-Write/HTML i had with the previous 2.0.1 ubuntu build in the initial version i installed was that if i copied and past text, links, and images into it from the a web browser, it or something would use up all my system resources to the point where it and my desktop became unusable until it finishes whatever it does in the background.

I'm talking about P4 with 2Gb of memory here. I non-scientifically tested this by copying a graphic intensive page with a lot of links from '' and it went thorough it usual paces when importing all the attributes in an html document, but it did not freeze up the system, good.


I also installed KWord out of curiosity to see how it handles '.odt' files of OOwrite. So i did a basic analysis by opening an existing '.odt' with it.

  • 1. The file opened.
  • 2. Displayed text and links.
  • 3. Did not display images.

I opened the same file in OO-write, and it displayed the graphics in the file, just to make sure graphics were actually in it. The i re-opened kWord, and in its 'recent documents' window on start up, i can see a preview of the file which also displays the embedded graphics. But when i open the file all i see are is the graphic place holders.


Maybe it will print everything, or there's an option to turn this feature on or off. When i checked 'Settings > Configure Kword' in the misc section, there are option to display links and so forth but didn't notice one for graphics and i don't have a printer connected to this PC.

The usual graphics programs such as The GIMP, KSnapshot, Take Screenshot, Dia, Eye of GNOME, GQview worked fine, as usual. I definitely have to get more acquainted with, Inkspace, Scribus, and Blender, and re-install Open Office Draw which i normally use. At the moment i don't have a scanner connected to any PC to test out kooka or XSane, i do have a SCSI scanner around, but that will be another project

Linux Graphics Apllications

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