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YaFSUG: Projectz.
My Desktop OS: An upgrade from Edubuntu Breezy to Dapper
By Vincent Angus Williams - scribe63

To exploit one of the tenets of FOSS, a users freedom of choice, i exercise this right by using several Desktop Environments and Window Managers with the same or different Distros, for what they have to offer and or do best within a given criteria.

About Edubuntu
This article is based on my Edubuntu Workstation.
This was initially Edubuntu based on Ubuntu Breezy with added DEs and WMs Kubuntu, Fluxbox, Xfce, and E17.

Name Type Platform Processor Description
THT Workstation Desktop PIV 3.06Hz Home office workstation.
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Window Managers: Go
File Managers
Text Editors: Go
Internet: Go
Management: Go
Graphics: Go
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Hardware: Go Summary: Go Screenshots: VIEW

Instead of doing a preferred clean install as i usually do, while browsing the kubuntu website i noticed it's possible to do an upgrade and it didn't seem complicated and time consuming.

This is where and how i got basic idea and inspiration:
"Users of Kubuntu 5.10 can upgrade to 6.06 LTS over the Internet by following these instructions:

    In Adept go to Manage Repositories and change "breezy" to "dapper"
  • Click "Fetch Updates"
  • Click "Full Upgrade"
  • Click "Commit"
  • After all packages have installed reboot the computer

If you have a Kubuntu 6.06 CD put it in the drive and run 'apt-cdrom' from the command line then follow the instructions above."

Being the glutton for punishment i decided to do an In-Place upgrade.
All i had to do was:

  • 1. Get the latest version of 'update-manager' which can check for and be used to 'dist-upgrade' online.
  • 2. Backed up my Home directory, and other files/config files that are needed.
  • 3. Changed all the location of repositories in '/etc/apt/sources.list' from breezy to dapper.
  • 4. Since i already burned an iso image of the Edubuntu 6.06 LTS install version, i added it to my sources list with 'sudo apt-cdrom add' as the upgrade source.
  • 5. Then i made sure 'sudo apt-get update' did its thing without any errors or time outs.
  • 6. Finally i ran 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'

During the whole process i just had to pay attention to prompts config and services files that were being updated, example /etc/[ntp.conf, hdparm.conf, apache2/sites-available/default, etc....] I didn't time how long this actually took, but it was less than a half a day on my P4.

Only glitches so far are:
  • 1. I have to Re-install proprietary nvidia display drivers to match new kernel.
  • 2. Also have to Re-install, absolutely no menu items.

This is what happened.
Upon reboot after upgrade, GDM and X failed to start with error "can't load or find nvidia driver". So i had to do 'ctrl-alt-F1' to drop to console 1, then i logged in and i changed the video display drive from 'nvidia to nv' in /'etc/X11/xorg.conf. I rebooted and was able to log into system with GDM. Will have to update nvidia driver later.

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