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YaFSUG: Projectz.

Project: THT - BeleniX.DVD-0.5.1 Hard Disk Install.

Installing BeleniX Operating System From a LiveDVD to Hard Disk:
By Vincent Angus Williams - scribe63

Screenshots: VIEW

As the Chinese proverb says :
"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. But involve me and I'll understand."

Intro Live-DVD First Attempt Second Attempt Third Attempt Conclusion

As a livedvd everything works great.
The GUI works, loads nvidia driver, select resolution, log in, get dynamic ip, i can get on-line, usb flash disk is mounted when attached, mounts existing solaris partitions, etc...
ONly issues are thet it did not recognized the Promise SATA controller with linux partitions on the hd disk and my M-Audio rev 7.1 soundcard.

This is Wonderful livedvd but the claimed feature of being able to do a hd install needs work big time.

I understand this is just a 0.5.1 release, but disappointing feature claims is a turn off and leads to untrustworthiness

I attempted this hd install hoping to use it a desktop for learning netbeans, zfs, dtrace, zones, and basic internet usage. I ordered some open solaris development edition disks from Sun since January 16th but they haven't arrived yet.

So i can't get my solaris on, may be next time.

Keep up the good work BeleniX Development Team

Open Solaris Development Edition DVD finally got released and the disks arrived. Will install and documents soon.

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