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YaFSUG: Projectz.

Project: THT - BeleniX.DVD-0.5.1 Hard Disk Install.

Installing BeleniX Operating System From a LiveDVD to Hard Disk:
By Vincent Angus Williams - scribe63

Screenshots: VIEW

As the Chinese proverb says :
"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. But involve me and I'll understand."

Intro Live-DVD First Attempt Second Attempt Third Attempt Conclusion

Hard Disk Install - Third Attempt:
This time around i opted for the auto layout with /, and swap.
Everything seemed fine on boot up, and was able to navigate the system from the command line as root. But as the regular user i created during the install, i was not able to use the basic commands 'less' which were in /usr/foss/bin.
After deleting and recreating the user i was able to use 'less' to read text files.

Networking worked fine from the livedvd, after hd install i followed the 6 step instruction for set up networking but it did not work. I had to reboot to get the system to load the bge0 driver, the non-reboot instruction did not work, but upon reboot got this error.

ip_arp_done: init failed

Failed to configure ipv4 interface bge0

I tried hme0 but got

Failed to plumb ipv4 interface hme0

To get it to ping another computer on my LAN i did the following.

#ifconfig bge0 ip address broadcast broadcast netmask mask

#ifconfig bge0 up

I was able to ping localhost, local ip address, my router, and DNS server but could not ping even though /etc/hosts, /etc/hostname.bge0, /etc/defaultrouter, /etc/resolv.conf, and /etc/nsswitch.conf files had the proper information.

After doing all of that, i was most disappointed when i ran 'startgui [xfce, kde]' in the regular user home directory i got this error.

svdadm: svc:/application/xserver: default: Permission denied.

/usr/bin/startgui:/.desk: cannot create

BeleniX Desktop

When i tried startgui xfce as root, i would get the option to configure the graphic card, but unlike the livedvd there was no nvidia driver option only nv. After setting the resolution and clicking, i would get dropped to the command line as oppose to X getting started.

I tried 'start x' but this was a no go also.

After that i gave up.

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