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YaFSUG: Projectz.

Project: THT - BeleniX.DVD-0.5.1 Hard Disk Install.

Installing BeleniX Operating System From a LiveDVD to Hard Disk:
By Vincent Angus Williams - scribe63

Screenshots: VIEW

As the Chinese proverb says :
"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. But involve me and I'll understand."

Intro Live-DVD First Attempt Second Attempt Third Attempt Conclusion

Hard Disk Install - Second Attempt:
In my second attempt to install BeleniX, i opted for the auto layout option for partition sizes which included /, swap, /usr/, /opt, and /home. The install and configuration went smoothly, but when i rebooted i got this major error.

Error: svc:/system/filesystem/root:default failed to mount /usr (see 'svcs -x for details)

See /lib/svcs/share/README for more information

console log in services cannot run

This dropped me into the administrative mode, i entered the root password, but most basic commands did not work. I tried to use 'less' and 'cat' to read the README file, also 'ls' to list directories, no result, but 'pwd' worked.

This I'm unclear how to fix so i will try one more time at installing this system with just / and swap.
I guess this is why installing from a livedvds/livecds really sucks. This system is a little new to me, but i should not be having so much issues getting up to speed with a working installation.

I looked at vfstab from the installed system, which was mounted in /mnt/solaris[0, 1, 2] by the livedvd, and everything seemed normal. The mount points were listed. I was able to browse the / and /opt

BeleniX Desktop BeleniX Desktop BeleniX Desktop
BeleniX Desktop BeleniX Desktop BeleniX Desktop

This time around i used the auto layout option and selected /, swap, /opt, /usr and /home partitions. Upon reboot i get this error;

'Error: svc:/system/filesystem/root:default failed to mount /usr (see 'svcs -x for details)'

This dropped me into maintenance mode.
After entering the root password i was not able to even use the 'ls' command, so this was unusable

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